What’s Your Skin Eating?

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As I laid sick with a nasty flu-like cold I’ve missed a few posts as I’ve been playing catch up with life.  However glad to return and to share with you that this new post will be the first of many posts dedicated to what’s your skin eating.  Not literally eating like the way I dig into a jar of olives or hot peppers but your skin does eat (absorb) 60% of anything you put on it and a rate much faster than if injested. Your skin being the largest body organ and designed to breathe and excrete toxins, vital for our health,  can also be one of the deadliest ways we literally poison ourselves each and every day with conventional bath and beauty products.   Did you know that the average woman wears 515 chemicals a day, thanks to all those fancy, bath products, shampoos, creams and lotions, skin care and cosmetics.

Many of us ignore those long labels in the back of our shampoos, soaps and skin care products not realising that our body is absorbing all these things directly intact into our blood stream and organs.  Once you start learning about the dangers lurking in your cabinets you will think twice of slathering on that subtle form of cancer.  I’m appalled at the lack of awareness and trust we put in our Health System  when most of the chemicals allowed  have never even been tested for their effects on human health or the environment.

How many chemicals are there?

There are more than 7 million recognized chemicals in existence with approximately 80,000 of them being commonly used worldwide.  An unknown number of new chemicals are not among this total.  For instance to show you how grossly deregulated this is… When  a manufacturer wants to apply for a new chemical all they have to do is apply with a (PMN) Pre-manufacture Notification, with only a short 90 day process of asking for some limited data on the toxicity and physical characteristics of a chemical, although they rarely do.  EPA reviews between 2000-2500 applications each year . More than half com in the door with no toxicity or environmental  data.  Furthermore 8 out of every 10 PMN applications are approved within 3 weeks with or without test data!

It is not just health data that is lacking in the PMN process. There is precious little data of any kind submitted with PMNs, mainly because none is required. As 3M puts it on their PMN forms posted on EPA’s web site, “You are not required to submit the listed test data if you do not have it.” And chemical manufacturers almost never have it.

How about some of the high production volume chemicals?

In 1998, EPA reported that the most heavily used chemicals in commerce are largely untested:

  • 43% of 2,800 chemicals produced in volumes of 1,000,000 per year or more, have no basic toxicity data, or screening level data, at all.
  • 50% have incomplete screening data.
  • Only 7% of these so-called high production volume (HPV) chemicals have a complete set of screening level toxicity data.

Screening level data, even if they indicate a problem, are not sufficient to restrict the use of a compound.

This is just the beginning of my blogging rampage on this topic…there are soo many harmful chemicals out there like Parabens, Pthalates, Synthetic Fragrances & Colors only to name a few that people should start being concerned with.  The growing epidemic of infertility should also be a sign that this is a true problem and we all need to take charge of our own health and treat our skin with the same respect we treat our mouths and stomachs.

Take a look at this great link that will give you a great visual on this topic.

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Sources:  Chemical Industry Archives, David Suzuki Foundation,

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One Response to What’s Your Skin Eating?

  1. anna says:

    Wow, that was an eyeopener! Susy, is the PMN application/approval process the same in every country? And is the EPA the only regulatory body controlling this process? I’m wondering if some countries have more stringent oversight measures in place. Hmmm…

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